Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break...NOT!

For those of you who are no longer in school (for now, at least) and have a job, or are staying home with children, you totally feel my pain. The pain of not having a spring break.  As a kid, teen, and undergraduate, we obsessed over plans for our one week vacay. Well, those days are over. It's like March came and went and I never got to chill at the beach or...well, that's really all I ever did for sping break. Beach it up. All week long and it was superb. In case you didn't know, West Virginia is really lacking in that department. We have lovely mountains, a few pretty lakes, but not much in the area of coastline. I did get to go to Alabama for a weekend, but I still had to take my miniature human responsibility with me. No, I'm not complaining (much), I wouldn't trade my boys for anything, but I'm just grieving a hair over the loss of spring break. I'm done now.

I did have a really great week this week though. It started on Monday with a jog in the snow. I couldn't believe it. The week ends today, Friday, with the temps expected to near 90 degrees. Yesterday Parker played outside in his little swimming pool. Only in WV could you experience snow and swimming pools in the same week. It's pure craziness. Here are some captured moments from this week. First of all, how could my week not start out good when I walk in the room as see this sweet boy's face? See his first two teeth?

We took the boys to the mall to meet the Easter Bunny. Parker was in love. He won't get within 100 feet of Santa, but almost tackled the scary cute 'lil bunny. Graham smiles and loves everyone and everything, so he was totally down with sitting on some strange fuzzy creature. The picture was super cute of both boys with the bunny, but I don't have a scanner and wasn't going to pay an additional $12.99 to get a photo CD after already paying $14.99 for one 5x7. It's ridiculous.

We have yet to get a double stroller, so this is what happens when you're toddler insists on walking and then gets tired.
On Wednesday, we had a small Easter get together with my friends Lynsey, Abby, and their boys. Craft time is always interesting with toddlers. I have to declare Dylan the winner of the cutest egg. He was really passionate about his egg decorating.
Here are the boys scoping out the situation. They were sighting eggs before we even got out there. Super excited. We had to hide the eggs twice because they found them all in 3 minutes.
Hopefully eggs and seashells are the only things my boys ever hunt. Sorry Dad.

Enjoying his spoils.
Baby Graham meeting HoJo up close and personal.
Thursday we played outside almost all day long and we have the same plans for today. So beautiful. Here's Parker frolicking in the Parker way.
 Grammar is eating, like usual.
Ok. I know this has already been a super long post, but I need your help with something. Many of you are not into leaving comments, (thus all the hits and few comments) but step out of your box and help me out. I need opinions. I am finally going to start working on decor in my house. After refinishing 1500 sq. feet of hardwood floors, ripping out carpet, painting every room, etc., we were exhausted with this place. I'm just now feeling the urge to make it look like a home. I'm starting with the dining room. I was given this buffet, but don't really like the color with my hardwood floor tones, it's just too much of the same color. I was thinking of either staining it a dark black/brown like my table or painting it a whitish color. What do you think?
 Also, my lighting is brushed nickel. Should I keep the hardware and find a way to convert it to a brushed nickel look, or buy new?
Other thoughts and suggestions for this room are welcome. I already have my thoughts, but I want to hear yours.

Happy Spring!


Heidi said...

1. I think it should be required that we all get a spring break. No matter how old we are.

2. Adorable pics of the boys as usual, but where are the pics of Parker playing with the worms ;)

3. I think white could be really pretty for the buffet.

4. I would try to turn the hardware to brushed nickel. If it doesn't work or doesn't look good, then go buy some. I like the funky round handles though.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, by the way. I know, I need to create a url.
The pics are great; I love Graham's teeth! The gigantic Easter bunny scares even more- beyond me why kids like them.
As for the table, if you want a formal look, I would stain it to match your table. If you don't care about formal so much, I think white would be beautiful. I'm with Heidi on the hardware- keep it and paint it. It's more original and unique than anything you'd buy, plus of course cheaper.

Lauren Kelly said...

Stephanie, your boys are beyond precious!!!! Happy Easter!!! :) And I too am with you, I want our spring breaks back, ha!!

Anonymous said...

Steph, I'm with these girls! Definitely keep the same handles, but change the color to match lighting, etc. I LOVE dark woods, but with the dark floor and table, it may be too much! I think white would be great! I can't wait to see in person what all you have done in your new home!
-Ashley Fisher

Anonymous said...

I agree with the buffet being white!!


Anonymous said...