Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mitchell Baby Shower

Here are the pictures you've all been waiting for! When I say "all" I mean my few faithful friend and family followers. As you know, my best friend Heidi is pregnant with baby boy Lincoln. She is due at the end of May and I cannot wait to get my hands on this little guy. Heidi has been hogging him all to herself the past few months. Geez. I know Lincoln coming into this world will be the most amazing thing that has ever happened to her. Heidi and I have a great friendship, one of the best, but I know that her becoming a mom will make us that much closer. Not to mention, she is joining the boy club.

On to the shower. Heidi's sister-in-law, Caimbrin, and I were in charge of putting it together. I couldn't have asked for a better co-host. We deliberated for a while and finally deciding on a theme, which turned out to be labeled the "bright antique owl" theme. Don't laugh. My ideas rarely fit into a nice orderly box. Anyway, once we started planning, Heidi's friend Ashley asked if she could help out. I'm normally a total control freak (I know, completely surprising), but I'm becoming more mature in my age and have realized that help is good. Plus, I knew Ashley was a great photographer which meant she has an eye for cute things. I was so right. Anything I described to her that I wanted she ran with and did an amazing job. Thanks Ashley!

I decided that I wanted to home make a few things for her shower to give it a more personal feel. Plus, I like to try to make things. Yes, I said try. My ideas flop as often as the succeed. First project was a banner. I saw an idea from a blog and came up with my version. Here's how it turned out.

The next project was pillows. They turned out cute, but don't look too close. The stitching wasn't so great. I'm a newbie at sewing things other than hems.
I was super excited to see Heidi use them in Lincoln's room decor!
These burp clothes weren't decor, but I think they turned out so cute that I have to show them.
 I can't wait to see baby Lincoln in this little onesie.
I really wanted to use milk glass for the food dishes but didn't want to have to bring my own on a plane to Florida. I called Ashley to see if she could locate some down there and it turns out she collects it too! She brought some of the most beautiful plates.
The food labels matched the invitations. Fancy shmancy! Check out the Ashley's cake stand where we put the cake balls. Adorable, huh?
Here are some of the other yummy deserts. Caimbrin had the great idea for the rock candy and I made a mess churning out these chocolate chip cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting and homemade fondant.

I had set in my head that I wanted antique colorful vases for the centerpiece. Ashley hit up her favorite thrift stores and found these unique vases that produced this beautiful scene.
Caimbrin and I brought some pretty flowers for Ashley to fill the vases. One of my favorite things is that some of the prettiest wild-looking flowers are the cheapest.
For drinks, we had three lemonade options: Strawberry, mint (strange, but so yummy thanks to Caimbrin!), and plain. Mason jars were a perfect little touch for this party.
Heidi and Mike are so completely different looking, so I cannot wait to see who Lincoln takes after. Or maybe he'll be a mix? We had both of their baby pictures set up with a guest book Ashley made.

Here is the beautiful mommy with her three hostesses.Wow. That word has a lot of S's.
Isn't her dress pretty?
At one point during the shower while Heidi was showing some girls Lincoln's nursery, I walked by to see like 8 women in this little room. It looked so funny. So, I thought...why not cram all of us in there and get a picture? Well, when you have two professional photographers on hand the deed gets done. How cute is this?
It was all so much fun. From the planning, making, baking, shopping, and decorating, this party was a blast. I know that Lincoln could care less, but we wanted Heidi to know how special she was to all of us and I think we got that across. Heidi, I love you and am beyond excited for you! I'm ready to plan another party!


Heidi said...

It was fantastic. You guys did such an amazing job. I definitely loved all the homemade touches. The owls look adorable in his crib, and I can't wait to use my super cute burp cloths, although I will instruct Lincoln that he is not allowed to spit up on them ;)

Love you so much!

Lauren Kelly said...

Turned out AWESOME, Stephanie!!!! :)

Michelle said...

How is it that my closest friends are amazingly creative and I seemed to have missed that boat? haha Great job, Steph. Even the tiniest details are beautiful. You did all that while taking of two sick boys?? You are super woman. Congratulations, Heidi!!!

Eric and Emily said...

Girl! I don't know how you did all that while entertaining your 2 boys! I can barely make the bed... Your sewing skills are becoming pretty amazing. Love the onesis and where in the world do you find your fabric??? Love it~ Wish I could have been there! It was so perfect!

DavidandSteff said...

Heidi, You are welcome!

Thanks Lauren!

Michelle, you are creative. You have figured out a way to stay sane with 4 young children and still love life.

Emmy, My mom really helped me with the boys and I did all my shopping at night after they went to bed. Trust me, the sewing was not so great up close. But, who cares if I'm not selling it? The fabric was from the sale and clearance page of Sew, Mama, Sew.