Monday, April 26, 2010

Pink is Pretty

I'm in the pink mood. My friend Sheena and I are participating in Race For the Cure this Saturday. Come join us if you can! I've never really been a part of it before, but when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, it became a little more important to me. So, this year I'm running a little 5K in her honor, and she's doing great by the way. She finished chemotherapy and radiation in December of 2008 and has been cancer free for over a year now.
My azalea's outside are also collaborating with the pink theme. They're blooming their little pinkish-purple hearts out. One thing is kind of sad though. They are starting to lose their blooms. I hate see pretty (free) flowers go to waste so I came up with a way to enjoy them longer. First, Parker and I picked up all of the loose flowers. He especially enjoyed this part.
Next, I had to get them out of the clinches of Parker's hands. Not easy. He is really into flowers. I brought them inside and rinsed them off. I found two of my biggest vases, filled them with water, and stuck the fallen beauties inside.
I'm not a huge tablecloth fan, but I'm also not a fan of my two-toned table. I really wanted the pink to pop, so I laid down a simple white table cloth and got out my plain white dishes. Voila!
For fun, I added a little flower in the cups.

I know what you're thinking. Who's coming over for a dinner party? My answer? No one. I did this all for myself. :) Pretty  and creative centerpieces make me happy.


Terry said...

What a great idea for the azaleas. And so pretty. Good luck with the 5K and I'm sending my best wishes and congrats to your mom.

DavidandSteff said...

Thanks Terry!

Lauren Kelly said...

Seriously love what you did with the flowers. So creative and soooo pretty!!! :)

Eric and Emily said...

those vases are a find and look so pretty! I'm proud of you and all your running... get it girl!

DavidandSteff said...

Emmy, not even kidding...I got those vases for $4.99 each-lol.

Jessica Landreth said...

I LOVE IT!!! Great job, Steph!
-Jessica Landreth