Thursday, March 25, 2010

We've got a new pet!

This new family member is not a new cute puppy, or mischievous kitten. Sorry if you got all excited for the us. Parker l-o-v-e-s animals. All a serious way like his momma. It's a gift... and a curse. I almost have to take antidepressants when I see road kill. One of my top goals in life is to never run over a fuzzy animal. Despite this weird aspiration, I will try to never severely swerve which might endanger myself or a family member to save an icky opossum.

OK, we got a fish. Yeah, I know. It's boring. I just didn't need anything else to take care of. Parker isn't old enough to take care of a real pet, so a fish it is. We got a male beta. Another lazy choice on my part. Betas don't require a tank...just an old vase or glass bowl. Check. I've got plenty of those. Parker picked a yellow beta. He must have great taste since he picked a fish that would match our living room. So nice. Plus, the fish guy said that they had only seen a few yellow betas ever come into the store. Nice job Parker.

Anyway, when we got in the car after buying the fish, I told Parker he had to name the fish. I was hoping Parker would have one of his brilliant moments, or at least a super funny one. Nope. He paused as if in deep thought and then said, " Truck, the fish." Really? Truck? I had told myself that I would not change whatever he said or sway him in another direction. So, I now own a yellow Beta named Truck. I guess later Parker felt the need to give him a nickname because that evening he was calling him Truckie. Don't be jealous. Let's just hope the fish survives a while, because I might have a hard time replacing a yellow beta. What's the coolest name you've ever given a pet?


Eric and Emily said...

Girl look at you! You have only been back like 2 days and have already added a new pet to the Dunn household! Love the pic of parker with his underwear sticking out of his jeans! And regarding the name of that fish, how could you get any more original than Trucky??? Love it.

Lauren Kelly said...

Haha!!!! How cute is Parker!!!! And tell him Truckie is the perfect name..... bet there's not a fish is the U.S. of A named that, ha! :)