Saturday, March 13, 2010

I love these things!

Remember my props and flops post where I grumbled about teething? Well, let me share a little product that helps combat this stage of child development. It has worked wonders with both of my children. It's called the Baby Safe Feeder and I prefer the model made by Safety First. I think its main purpose is to allow your child to gnaw on things that would normally be choking hazards without the safety mesh. However, I use it for a teether. I like to freeze fruits and veggies and then let the baby go at it. It can get super messy, but the silence is worth it. (A frozen carrot works great and has little to no mess involved.) I'd start with apples, bananas, and carrots because they are low in acid. When the nasty mush created from obliterated food gets all over baby's face, you don't want a huge rash showing up. (I learned this from giving Parker strawberries to early). Once your baby is more tolerant of a variety of food, you can use your imagination to fill up these wonderful little gadgets.

Here's a Safe Feeder with my kids' favorite fillers.

You just unscrew them and toss in the goods.
 Here's Graham trying one out.
 And the verdict?

He's a fan.   You're Welcome.


Emily said...

We have one of these too but I haven't tried freezing the fruits. Good idea!! Definitely want to try out a carrot b/c it does seem to make a mess :-)

Heidi said...

I registered for one of these at your recommendation! Graham seems to give it his approval!

DavidandSteff said...

Emily, Graham loves bananas, but they are sooooo gross. Glad Henry is getting to have fun with one too!

Heidi, Lincoln will thank you...and you will thank me :)