Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My flops and props this week.

I feel the need to both give love and smack talk. I cannot think of a better outlet than a prop and flop post. I try to end most things on a good note, so I'll start with the whining first.

  1. Teething. When you hear this word, most of you think of babies being fussy when a new tooth is emerging through their gingiva. This is NOT a correct description. (Can I get a holla from my fellow mommas?) Let me share the correct definition. I'm pretty sure this is straight out of Webster's. Teething is when a baby has a completely horrid altered personality due to a tooth (if you're lucky, teeth) slowly creeping up and down through the gum and teasing for months about its true arrival date. This causes extreme exhaustion for both mother and baby and lots of drool. It's obnoxious...and messy.
  2. My timing. I try to be a good mom, but I'm not sure how good my ratings are with Parker this week. Not once, but twice I smashed his hopes of a grand time. On Saturday, I told Parker I would take him to the Clay Center (a fun art and science building) when he got up from his nap. He made sure to go right to sleep so he could get there faster. We arrived at 4:45 just to find out that they closed on Saturday at 5:00. I rock. The whole way home I got to hear, " I want to go to the Play Center." He would not be consoled. Monday, I told him we were going to the pool at our local YWCA. When we geared up and eventually got there, the hateful lady behind the desk receptionist informed us that the pool has swim lessons every morning until 12:00. (It was only 10:00 am.) Another fun trip home. Awesome.
  3. Winter in West Virginia.  I enjoy the city I live in. It's a medium-sized Southern city with a unique history and some fun culture. However, I have never been and never will be a fan of this state. (No offense to anyone who loves it...I'm just not a West Virginian by birth or at heart.) The number one reason I am not perfectly happy, though very content, here is this darn weather. Just when I start to feel like this could be a permanent home, winter arrives. It's like the wind is smacking my face saying, " What the heck are you doing here?"  I'll endure because there are too many other good reasons not to leave, but the frigid temps and never ending snow is a "10" on the flop meter.
  1. The blow-up jumpy thing place at the mall. I obviously can't remember the name, but it is a life-saver. Though laden with viruses and bacteria, (I am pretty sure it's as bad as all those ball pits at fast food restaurants) Parker loved it and forgot all about his Clay Center blues after my huge flop on Saturday. With lots of hand sanitizer and David by my side, I faced my germ-phobia and went from being grossed out about the place to really feeling affectionate towards it.
  2. Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. Though not simple at all, it's simply a great book.  I like to read it because no matter how many times you've digested it cover to cover, you will discover something new you missed before and you'll always leave challenged to be a better follower of Christ.
  3. Dwell Studio.  I've always had a crush on this brand. The new coverlets they have made recently and sell through their Target line are B-E-autiful. They are cute and totally affordable at $79.99-$89.99. I so badly wanted to need one. I was scheming up ways in which to ruin my current comforter, but I don't think David would have been very happy with me. Chula had even volunteered to have an accident on it, but I opted to just be thankful for the one I already have. Maybe you need one. Here are the links to a few of my favs. 
Have a great week! Here are my two biggest props. Feel free so share any love you may have or a major flop you've experienced lately. I love feedback.

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