Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Something Simple

When you commit to buying a house, you dive in head first knowing many things about it. The age of the home, the appraisal price, square footage, problem areas, expected updates, etc. are all major factors in the decision. However, one aspect of your home purchase that you don't really get too familiar with until the papers are signed is the people living next door to you. You don't get to interview them before moving in and you can't cancel the deal if you end up with "the crazies" a little too close for comfort. Well, we have been soooooo blessed. We have really enjoyed getting to know our neighbors and are so happy that we can actually be friends with the people who share our property line.

That being said, my neighbor Emily and I have discovered we have a lot in common. We both are mommas who enjoy sitting and sipping on the front porch, sarcasm is our second language, and we both luuuuve sweets :) Soon after moving in our home, Emily had a birthday and I decided I wanted to make her something yummy. Dark Chocolate cake with white chocolate buttercream seemed appropriate. I wanted to try a new frosting technique and I wanted to keep the cake simple and elegant. Emily is a bit of a southern Belle ;) 

After watching this tutorial, I filled my decorating bag and went to town. It only took about 5-10 minutes. Easy peasy and so pretty. Give it a try on your next cake!


Tracy said...


We Don't Eat Bugs said...

Looks really good! I iced Brooke's birthday cake like this earlier this year, but I like the height/added layers of your cake a lot more. White chocolate buttercream sounds like heaven.
Yay for good neighbors!

Emily said...

The cake was beautiful and so yummy. As for the southern belle I'm not sure but I do love sitting on the porch and sharing gossip and sarcasm! We are so blessed to have such a great family who moved in!