Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Am I really 5 now?"

People, I have a five year old. It's almost hard for me to write. It really feels like just yesterday I was bringing home the cutest lil' six pound boy you've ever seen. He came out of the womb with an opinion and a plan and to this day maintains that personality. 

He is truly a joy. Parker has quite a few traits that make this momma proud. He hates to see people in pain and is extremely affectionate. He is super creative and loves the outdoors. He is so very smart and is always wanting to learn something new. He loves to make people smile and he gets joy out of being a helper. 

On the flip side, there are a few traits that Parker has exhibited lately that throw up red flags for me. I have my work cut out for me in a few areas.  Parker is bossy. He also has a bit of an attitude when things don't go his way. I feel like if I do my job as a parent and condition him correctly, these two traits can turn into passionate leadership. I read and ask a lot of questions on how to handle children with Parker's personality. I don't worry too much, though, considering that myself and my husband are both a little on the bossy side and have led successful lives. Another aspect of Parker's personality that can get hard to handle at times is that he has the emotional drama of a sixteen year old girl. You wouldn't believe some of the comments he's made to me when being disciplined. Unbelievable. Luckily, those comments have brought a lot of laughter for me over the past five years. Overall, I am so proud of my little man. Sometimes I catch myself just staring at his sweet little face. I am so blessed to have him.

We were in Florida when Parker turned five. I woke him up in the morning with a kiss and a whispered "Happy Birthday." The kid who normally takes ten minutes to roll around and make his way out of the bedroom, shot up and said with so much excitement in his eyes, "Am I really five now!?!" He continued to ask me that throughout the day. So cute.

I planned a last minute trip to Florida so that I could be with my friend, Heidi, as her husband got a much needed kidney transplant. To read about how that family is doing, you can read her blog. Such an incredible story. It worked out because my parents really wanted time with the boys. While there, we managed to make it to Legoland one day and spent a lot of time in the pool.

They are such good boys on the plane now.
 He loves table hockey.
 They were in heaven at Legoland.
 My big five year old!
 I love his crazy eyes :)

 Graham got to ride his first roller coaster and LOVED it. He kept his hands up the entire time!

 Someone was worn out and just crashed.

 I love these boys.

 My family can't get together without going to The Barrel at least once.

We had a combined birthday party for the boys this past weekend when we got home. I'll blog about that soon, but it will be from a new blog page. I decided to switch to and hope that you will continue to follow me over there.

This blog has all been transfered and I have moved to:

See you over there!

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