Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I learned this week...

1. Four-year-olds, no matter how well-behaved you think they are, can make painful mistakes of disobedience. Just ask the little green-eyed boy in my house about his burnt finger and the lawn mower.

2. It's really hard to only eat 1200 calories a day.

3. Lolly pops and TV make it much easier to cut a two-year-old's hair.

4. I can pull-off real bangs. Who knew? 

5. A clean house on Monday morning makes Monday not so much a Monday.

 6. Leaving a sippy cup full of skim milk in your car for over 12 hours will make your vehicle smell like death for 2 days. Nasty beyond all reason.

 7. Surgical tape will not stop a determined two-year-old from picking his face. 

8. Pandora toddler radio is as obnoxious as it sounds, but has incredible results when used on two bickering siblings. Fighting instantly turns to singing if you crank it so loud they can't hear each other. It works. You should try.

9. I have the right to have my own opinion according to my eldest. Isn't that nice of him?

10. I need to work on my baby's alphabet. Badly. Right now it sounds like this: A B C D E F Bee H I Shay K nuh nuh nuh nuh P Cuu R X why N Zee.   Not kidding.

I haven't learned my lesson about this yet. Parker told me he's wearing his snake-belt (seat belt) so he won't fall out. That makes it a totally safe activity.

 It's okay he's missing half of the alphabet in the song, he loves to "read" and I know the other half will soon appear at the end of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star sooner or later. It really messes him up that they have the same tune. Oh, and don't mind he doesn't have on pants. Pants are for when you leave the house in our family ;)

Have you learned any valuable lessons this week? Do share. It's quite cathartic.


Ashley - said...

this was hilarious, haha! love it

Audrey said...

you left out one key picture - the bangs! I'm contemplating, so I need to see yours for inspiration. :)

The Ness Story said...

I want to see the bangs too! I could tell from your pins they were coming!!

Holly said...

Fun :) and I agree... we need to see the bangs :)