Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Autumn Love

I adore this time of year. I'm trying to ignore the post-fall season that will soon follow so that I can completely enjoy the fab temperatures and beautiful colors right now. I don't usually gussy up the house for fall because I like to decorate early for Christmas. However, this year I did a few things to add some festiveness. It's working! I'm craving all things cinnamon and can't wait for our first bonfire. Maybe this weekend?
  I made these from fabric scraps and a straw wreath. A little wild. Kind of like my family.
 These wild yellow flowers are everywhere along the side of the road right now. I took advantage and grabbed a few :)
 My friend, Jenn, gave me this little dessert stand. Before painting it some fun color, I decided to use its natural warm wood color to add to the fall feeling in the dining room. Thanks Jenn! I love it.
 I promise I will stop the bunting madness soon...maybe. I can't help it. They are just so cute. I couldn't decide which scrap fabric to use so I just used all of them. Every "flag" is a different print.
 Pinterest and root beer bottles made this decor possible.
Happy Fall! I'm off to go buy some mums.


Amy G. said...

Oh my goodness!!!! LOVE!!! It's so beautiful....I love it all! Good post!!!

Terry said...

Great job, Stephanie. Love it all. Don't you just love Pinterist! It does make me do more creating.

The Ness Story said...

Love it stephy! I love fall too now that I live in a place where it actually happens. Want to come to your home and sit on your couch and drink cider and talk and talk!!!