Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back to my Roots

 When we weren't gallivanting around theme parks, we were chilling at my parents house. My parents got Parker a new bike and he spent tons of time learning to ride it well. What I wouldn't give to have that amount of wide open spaces for my boys. They are in heaven. Don't mind that Parker's helmet doesn't fit...
 He was almost into the gear as much as he was the bike.
We spent time swimming at the condo pool. Graham is fearless and Parker is doing a great job honing his skills. If we could get him to lift his head and breathe, he could go forever. Right now, his distance is determined by how long he can hold his breath.
Graham loved how he could just walk into the pool. He'd go until his nose went under. Such a ham.
 David might kill me for this, but it just makes me laugh. I love that my little boys have such a great remodel because they want to be just like him.
 PawPaw and Bubby.
 I love baby Graham's face in this one.
 He's such a lover. He always wants to rub his face on yours. And his favorite phrase right now is, "I lub you so mush."
 Learning to float.
Right before heading home, we made it to the opening Florida Football game. Not sure whether I dig going to these games more because of the nostalgia (I've been going with Dad since I was in 5th grade) or because I really enjoy the whole feeling of live football. Either way, I love the SEC.

Go Gators!


Jill said...

Love the post! Your parents blessed my husband with the tickets a few weeks ago and these are the first pics I have seen of the all the blue and orange. Boys are precious!

DavidandSteff said...

Thanks Jill! I bet your hubby had a great time. Go with him next time!

The Ness Story said...

Steph! I've missed you!!!!!!!!! So glad you're back so you can catch us up on Dunn life. I can not get over Graham and to think Ellie will be that age so soon. Girl, I used to love our half-time meet ups at the swamp...!

Heidi said...

Love how excited Parker was about his elbow pads & such. Hilarious. It was a fun trip :)