Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Parks

I promise soon I will stop blogging events and return to real life posts. I'm beginning to settle into a fall routine which includes preschool, hot chocolate, football, and falling leaves. However, just a few more vacations blogs before I bust out the fall decor and how to make a perfect s'more posts. I can't help that summer time is where most of the traveling and big-event fun takes place in my life.

What a wild month mid-August to mid-September was for me! And by wild I mean freaking fantastic. So that I don't end up with 100 pictures on one post, I'll break my Florida trip into two.

For those of us born and raised in Florida, the theme parks were a part of our yearly, dare I say monthly, childhood activities. We would get season passes and hit the parks late in the afternoon or on rainy days so that we would only have to wait in line 10 minutes for Space Mountain. Though some of the grandeur of such extraordinary places is lost in the availability, all of the excitement returns when you step back in one of these parks with children of your own.

That's what took places a few weeks ago. We not only got to experience Disney with the Mitchell's  (baby Lincoln's first time!), we hit up Sea World with my parents. We had taken the boys to Disney last year, but Graham was yet a baby. It was fun to watch him take it all in as a two year old. I'm pretty sure from the deer-in-head-lights-look on his face, Lincoln was in sheer amazement all day.

Parker was finally tall enough to ride everything except one roller coaster, but we kept getting rained out. Oh well! Such a great day with great friends.

That's Graham for you...already bored.
 You ever found an incredible deal on a dress, like $5 and buy it, only later to see a picture of yourself in it and realize why it was only $5? Okay, well, that's what happened here in these pics. Not sure what was I thinking.
 Parker's a sucker for those smash-a-penny machines. Apparently, so is Mike.
 The sights, sounds, and smells are so unique to Disney.
 I'm smiling, but wasn't super happy about being dragged on this ride. I feel so sick after getting off.
 Here's a little fun comparison. This year's carousel...
 And last year's. What a difference one year can make! I plan on getting one of these every time we go. I hope he doesn't mind riding the pretty pink ponies when he's 15.
This ride pleased sir Lincoln. I love this picture because it's probably one of the last of him with only two little teeth showing. He's got a mouth-load now.
 I included this next shot to simply document that my child is not the only one with behavioral issues. Lincoln is clearly pushing Graham in this picture. Rumor has it, he got kicked out of a nursery for causing harm to other children. Parents these days really need to get a hold of their children. (Don't worry 'lil Linc, I'm sure he had it coming!)
 Too bad Grammy didn't get to experience the Congo Cruise. At least he wasn't trying to hop out of the boat! Thanks, Mike, Heidi and Lincoln for creating these memories with us. I treasure them.
On to Sea World. Sea World has always been my favorite of Florida's Parks. I love sea life and it's almost magical how close you get to be with these amazing creatures. Mom and Dad took the boys for their birthday gift, and David and I couldn't stand to let them go without getting to see their excitement, so we came too ;) 
 He gets so tired of me taking pictures when he's trying to focus on the show.
 Some guy won a prize whale and gave it to Parker. He's a little obsessed with this whale.
 My mom had a complete hip replacement surgery only 2-3 months ago. Prior to surgery, she couldn't walk around her house, and now she's tackling theme parks. I am so happy her pain was gone so she could keep up with her favorite little men.
 David was in desperate need of a haircut, but there just wasn't much time. Thanks for lacking vanity, babe, I actually really like that about you most of the time :)
 Lucky for David, his long free-spirited hair didn't stand out with the rest of us around on a rainy day. Mine looked like a matted rats nest, and Graham, well, I have too much fun messing with his.
 Favorite show hands down. Clyde and Seymour have my heart.
 While we took Parker on one of the kiddie coasters, Graham rode the carousel 6 times. Not kidding. Mom indulged him.
 My boys are so difficult some days, especially because of their closeness in age. However, when I see a picture like this, it reminds me to notice the relationship they are developing. Though I play referee 75% of the day, they truly have honest affection for one another. It's like watching a best friendship evolve.
We ended the day wet and tired, but with more great memories made with my family.


Heidi said...

Ah yes. My son, the bully. Must get his bad behavior from the Mitchell side. Definitely not from me. So happy we got to do Disney together. What a fun day.

Looks like Sea World was very fun & very wet! That's the next place I want to take Linc.

rjjsgdc said...

Oh, this is great! I grew up 2 hours from all the Southern California versions of these same parks, so I know EXACTLY what you mean! Like a kid in a candy shop watching your own kids eyes!