Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We Don't Brush.

Parker's first trip to the dentist was a year ago. However, it almost doesn't count because he went to his Aunt Sarah who is a fantastic dental hygienist. Also, at age two, they essentially do as much with the child's mouth as they can without getting a finger bitten off. No x-rays were taken and Parker left thinking we went to see Aunt Sarah blow up the green latex gloves. No biggie.

I decided he should go back again since it had been a year and we have had all sorts of little issues with his mouth. Nothing major, just a chipped front tooth from running on concrete, a torn upper frenum from busting his mouth a few times (this actually may have saved us from a small surgical procedure in a few years, thanks Parker), and a loose bottom tooth from hitting the floor gym at preschool. As is turns out, none of these things are an issue. Whew!

Parker loves to brush his teeth and does so twice a day. We always help afterward to complete the job. Apparently, brushing consistently in addition to a low-sugar diet paid off because he got a clean bill of oral health. Yay! Everything was great. Good thing, too. If there had been a cavity, they (being the dentist and hygienist) would have blamed me. Let me give you a quick summary of the conversation the DH (hygienist) had with Parker when we first arrived.

DH: Hi Parker, how are you today.

Parker: Good.

DH: I'm going to tickle your teeth with my special that OK?

Parker: Giggle. Yeah.

DH: (Lots more kind, reassuring, child-level chatter about what she was going to do. She is really great child hygienist.) Parker, do you brush your teeth at home?

Parker: No. (While shaking his head side to side.)

Mommy: (In the background quietly shaking her head up and down.)

DH: Do you have any teeth that have been bothering you or causing you any pain?

Mommy: (Again shaking her head no, because Parker has NEVER mentioned any pain.)

Parker: Yes. My back teeth. (Pointing inside his mouth)

DH: OK, well, we'll take a look at those.

Really Parker? That's fantastic. Way to make your mommy look nice and negligent. Lucky for me, your teeth were healthy and maybe granted me a little validation. Parker really did do great. He took all his x-rays, even the ones that gag you to death. He was a trooper.

The x-rays look promising. They promise that Parker's permanent bottom teeth are coming in extremely crooked and we will have to spend big bucks to straighten them out. I guess I'll be looking through Highlight magazines with him in a few years while waiting in the orthodontist office. The x-rays also promise he's going to have ginormous front upper teeth. Like T-Rex large. Poor Parker, those darn x-rays promised that he'll not escape that really awkward looking phase. Oh well, most of us went through it and have awesome pictures to show for it.

If anyone is wondering where Graham was during this whole experience, I'll ease your curiosity. My friend Annyssa, who referred me to Children's Dentistry, played with him in the waiting room until she had to help take the x-ray pictures. She then had him wrangled under one arm while snapping the film with the other. It was humorous. Thanks for you help, Nys! You rock.

Dental trip February, 2011....success.


Lauren said...

Parker positively is the cutest thing EVER!!! :)

Tracy said...

Sam LOVES the dentist and cries when we leave. We go to Dr. Martin in Teays Valley. Sam actually goes back without me, as crazy as that sounds! He'll have x-rays in May. I can't believe they can already tell how his permanent teeth will be! wow!

mattksgirls said...

lol! he looks so grown up! good job, buddy!!!