Tuesday, February 15, 2011

random busi-ness

Wow. It's been more than two weeks since I've blogged. Ouch. I'm pretty sure that's a record since I began this lovely life script. Here's a quick description (and a few correlating photos) of my last few weeks. Hold tight. It's a slight whirlwind of randomness.

  • I found cute chairs for my living room (pictures to come when I finish my living room...or at least get closer.)
  • Graham fell down and bonked his head.
  • I sewed a few pillows to brighten up my living room.

  • Parker hit his head on the train table inducing a lump and bruise that would have everyone in Kanawha county wondering if I beat my child. No, really, you should see the looks I've gotten. Thanks Parker. (He's holding a football ice pack on his injury.)
  • I reupholstered a bench in my living room...and managed to staple my hand. And yes, it hurts as bad as it sounds like it would, especially when you are using an industrial stapler. I had to pull the staple out of my hand muscle. Super fun. At least I like the outcome...of the bench, that is. (This wretched i-phone picture makes me crave a nice day.)

  • Graham fell. 
  • I made a few valentine shirts for friends and family.
  • Graham slipped and fell.
  • Our Family joined the YMCA in hopes of...well, I don't have super high hopes. Health is number one, right?
  • I organized and hosted a Valentine party for my 3 year old's preschool class. All the teachers of preschool children deserve gold medals.
  • Graham fell yet again.
  • I made a few necklaces using material and gumballs. What? I saw it on a blog. I liked the necklaces but feel they lacked just a little something. I'll figure it out.

  • David got sick.
  • Parker got sick
  • Graham got sick, really sick...and then fell. He got to sleep with me for 2 nights. He was struggling to breathe and I felt more comfortable with him close to me.

  • I got a tooth excavated and packed with metal. I'm sorry if it's a bit dramatic, but it sounds more accurate than "got a filling."
  • I went blonder, and am really enjoying something different for a change.
  • Graham fell.
  • I had a wonderful Valentine dinner with the best husband in the world.

  • I enjoyed a birthday lunch with David and my wonderful WV family. Happy birthday, Babe, you truly are the best!
  • Graham fell.

Ok, so there you have it. A lot of sewing, decorating, falling, and celebrating going on in my life. It's a complicated good life.


John & Nicki Herrell said...

You are such a talented woman and your boys are beautiful even with the bumps :)

Ashley said...

Did Graham fall???

You make me laugh. Cute kiddos, sorry about the sickness, awesome crafts. Super mommy! :)

Kelly Pearce said...

I can't believe you sewed those pillows! WOW, I am jealous! Sounds like you have been busy keeping Graham from falling, hope they are all well now....

Amy G. said...

I like your hair - the length and color - a LOT! I also want to eat your necklace.

Heidi said...

Are you spiking Graham's sippy cup? Sounds like he's a little tipsy!

We Don't Eat Bugs said...

Poor klutzy Graham. :(

LOVE the blond. Seriously. You have always been beautiful- but the V day pic above is definitely va va va voom.

Stop beating Parker. Or at least tell the train table to stop.

The pillows are beautiful- great job!

Happy birthday Dave!!!

Bill Mc said...

Voom can clean up anything. Voom is very very hard to get. Only little cat Z has Voom.

mattksgirls said...

Love the pillows! I need some lessons! Love the hair too!

mattksgirls said...

BTW, please tell Dave happy belated birthday! when i got my new phone the other day i lost all my numbers. it's sad, but there are very few i know from memory - hubby's, mom's & dad's. i meant to get it from matt and just forgot after he got home. thanks!

DavidandSteff said...

Thanks everybody! You guys are too sweet. Even you, Bill, with your strange self.

Eric and Emily said...

- LOVE all your projects
- poor kiddos
- your hair looks amazing- you always had the best hair and I love your headband- did you make it?
-I made a necklace like that last week using a free pattern from Amy Butler's website. Super cute. Great minds think alike?...
-LOVE the new blog design and the pic yall look like a celebrity family!
-Happy bdau david!
Miss you and wanna catch up so soon! Em

Angi Swearingen said...

You forgot to post that while you were at the YMCA, Graham fell. And come to think of it, while we were on the phone today, he fell again! Just love him...and all of you!!

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

I LOVE that second pillow! The rectangle one. The fabric is fantastic!!!
I hope the kids are feeling better.
Your hair looks great. I have a small love affair with highlights (ssshhh, don't tell the hubs.)

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

Oh, and I forgot. I love your header photo!!

Carina Deshotels said...

wow, so funny...poor you and graham with the falling and then sickness....ahhh, no wonder you haven't blogged in two weeks! but, wow you are so talented...i love jealous! haha and i love the hair in process of foiling!! haha you look beautiful no matter what!