Monday, November 8, 2010

What flippin time is it?

Let me start with a recommendation. Don't travel to a different time zone the weekend daylight savings time ends. It will mess with your head. It will make you and your husband discuss for hours what time it "really" is, the time your body really feels it is, and what time it would be back home. It's confusing. It's obnoxious. Moving on.

We had a great weekend trip to Nashville, Tennessee, and have already decided we want to go back and spend more time. What landed us in this southern city for a weekend? My dad has this dream/goal of going to all the Florida Football away games. This would allow him to yearly visit a new SEC city/stadium. He decided to get David and I in on this adventure, and who thinks my husband would ever turn down anything footballish? If you raised your hand, you are dead wrong. I figured if they get to have fun and it involves traveling, then count me in.

My mom was up visiting me last week, so Dad just flew in here and we all took the trek down to Tennessee together. We had planned on Parker going to Florida for a week with my mom and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get him down there. We will be meeting up next week in a city still yet to be determined. What will our adventure be next weekend? Stay tuned. I know Parker is going to have a great week with my mom, buy my house is sooooooo quiet without him. I miss him already, but I'm going to take this opportunity of only having one child and tackle some projects that I have needed to do but had trouble accomplishing with both boys.

Graham stayed with Nana and Poppy, so David and I could have a small break. He had a great time and didn't torture them with any late night parties, thank God. Thanks, you two, for taking good care of baby Graham. So thankful for helpful, trustworthy in-laws!

Here are a view pictures from our weekend. Go Gators!

 The weekend and MeMaw wore him out. Mom and Parker played at the Nashville Science Center while we were at the game.
 Tennessee Titan Stadium
 Downtown Nashville.
 Have a great week everyone!


Lauren said...

SO fun!!! I HEART Nashville!!!!! :)

Kelly Pearce said...

I am doing the same thing that your dad is doing! I love to travel to Gator Away Games. Only have Arkansas, Miss State, and Ole Miss to go to. Well, Georgia too but considering we play in Jax not sure how I will mark that one off... Its a fun goal and Nashville is one of my favorite

Heidi said...

I could care less about the football game, but I LOVE your boots :)
And let's go to Nashville together, because I've never been there!