Tuesday, November 16, 2010

on the road again...

As you know, Parker spent last week in Florida with my mom. I'm not sure who was more worn out by the end, but it seems they equally had a terrific time. In deciding where to meet to pick up my little buddy, we considered two things. First, where is a good halfway meeting point? Secondly, where is some place we can enjoy a day with our oldest buddy. Charleston seemed perfect. No one had to bend my arm backwards for me to agree. Despite having been there 4-5 times in the past few years, I'm always game for a little southern carriage ride (as tourist-y as it is).

Another great thing about Charleston is that we have family there. David has second and third cousins who have lived in North Charleston for years. We have never really been able to spend much time with most of them so it was nice to get to hang out. Thanks so much Betsy and Bruce for letting us crash your pad for a night. You were so kind and we really appreciate your hospitality. Also, thanks Michael and Emily for spending some time with us. Can't wait until we can get together again. You all are always welcome in our home. You just have to find a reason to come to ol' West Virginia. Maybe if I make some Mac and Cheese, I'll get y'all up here. Well, at least I know Michael would come.

David and I left on Friday morning and headed south. We got hungry just outside of Charlotte. I know that the best way to find a fun restaurant is to ask someone who lives there. I remembered that a friend from high school currently lives there so I sent her a tweet asking for a suggestion. She recommended a BBQ joint named Macs. It was delish! Thanks again for your two cents, Audrey. I have to admit, though, that I was a bit concerned about where you where sending me when we drove past a small ghetto to get there. The funny part was that on our way home, Parker said he was hungry again when we were right outside Charlotte and guess where we took him? Yep, we hit Macs up twice. We sat outside in the beautiful weather and had a lovely lunch.

It took us about 7 hours to arrive in Charleston, SC. First destination? The beach. How can I not stop by the ocean when it is so close?? Who cares if it was 60 degrees out?

Saturday, we met up with my parents in the morning and got Parker back in our possession. (Sounds a little like drug smuggling.) We spent the day going to the South Carolina Aquarium, taking a carriage ride, eating at some yummy restaurants, and walking some beautiful old streets. It was such a good day with my two-thirds of my boys.

I forgot to bring my camera this weekend, so I had to use my phone.

Our drive was really pretty since NC and SC still had some fall leaves.
 Me wishing that I owned one of the boats behind me.
 Beautiful sunset.
 My toes were freezing!

 I love the ocean.
 Headed back to our car a bit colder than when we left it. I have a love/hate relationship with sand. It's beautiful, feels great between your toes, and makes the beach experience complete. However, it is obnoxiously everywhere once you've touched it.

 I love the big bridge behind us. So pretty.
 Hello, big ugly shark, please stop starring at my son.
 Parker's favorite part of the aquarium was the touch tank. Every five minutes I heard,  " Mommy, can I pet the sting rays again?"

 I don't typically like fried bread, but these hush puppies had crab, shrimp, and parmesan cheese in them. Thank you, Bubba Gumps, for the best flavored calories this weekend.
 Parker with the mules that pulled our carriage. Aren't the cute?

 On our way home.
The past two traveling weekends have been exactly what I needed, but I can truly say that I am glad to be home. I need a break from the suitcase.


Heidi said...

Looks like fun! I miss that cheesy adorable smile!

Anonymous said...

you are more than welcome! I wish I would have known you were at Mac's again - I would have come by to say hello! :) And yes, sorry for sending you through the ghetto. Charlotte has little pockets of ghetto amidst all the prettiness. :)