Monday, June 4, 2012


When I was a child, I remember getting excited for dusk to come so I could catch fireflies. Every time we'd take a vacation to visit my grandparents in Indiana, I'd have to acquire a clear jar with a hole-punctured lid. I'm not sure what all the excitement is about, but I remember sheer joy running around the house and fields collecting these little bugs. We didn't have many at our last house, but they light up the sky here.

I grabbed my camera the other night while Parker was on the hunt. He ran around in his soaking wet swimming trunks for thirty minutes by himself. Graham was already in bed this night, but he too loves to get in on the action.  While I was at a softball game last week, David kept Graham up late enough so he could catch a few. What Papa D forgot to tell me is that Graham didn't want to put them in a jar...he preferred his pocket. Those are extra clean bugs after going through the laundry ;)

 I think childhood should be an adventure. A fun, slow uncomplicated upbringing. Catching fireflies totally fits.

 This is buddy. The neighborhood dog.

 I make him catch and release.

Fireflies are just another reason summer is the best.


Anonymous said...

This is a childhood favorite for those whose parents pass it on. So glad to see the boys enjoying something so simple. Love you Momma

Heidi said...

I love summer! So fun. Parker looks like he's having a blast.