Friday, May 18, 2012

Meadow Light

I'm super excited. I've got one room in my house finally painted. I've spent so much time on doors and trim, so it was nice to actually get out the roller to do some walls. I was over the roller in .2 seconds, but it was worth it. I really love the color. LOVE. I debated for days over paint chips. Once I got it down to three colors, I got come samples and put streaks all over my walls in different places. After seeing the samples in every lighting condition, we decided on Meadow Light. The color is one from Home Depot's Behr collection, but I used Sherwin Williams paint because I like the coverage and consistency. Plus they'll match anything you bring to them. Sometimes the color looks minty and in other light, it takes on more of a faint Tiffany blue. I love it both ways. 
I don't really have anything to go with it yet, but decor can come later. I found one box of picture frames to add a little life to the room but don't judge the fireplace set-up...I know it's a little sad and thrown together ;)

 We have some short-term goals (in the next 1-3 months)for this room that include:
  1. Ditching the fan. First of all, it's centered with the room and not the fireplace. That would be fine except the recess lights are centered with the hearth making it all just sore for my must-have-symmetry eyes.
  2. Replace all of the electrical outlets and cable connectors with white ones instead of almond color. Which bring me to the next goal...
  3. Putting a nice coat of white spray paint on the recess lights.  Everything in this home came in almond. I mean everything. Toilets, light switches, outlets, fire alarms, etc. Eventually, it will all be white. We'll just take the lights out, paint them, and return them to their place since they're not super offensive and it's cheaper to reuse them.
  4. Getting/making pillows for our couch and chairs. The room is in desperate need of some texture/prints.
  5. Hanging curtains. I'll probably just use the white West Elm ones from the old dining room for now. White, bright, and airy.
We also have a few long term changes (3 months-1 year)we'd like to make that include:
  1. New couch. Enough said.
  2. New sitting chairs for the window area. Yes, I just bought those blue-y ones a year ago, but we'd like to use them in the other living space when we get the new flooring in. Plus, they kind of blend right into the room. I'd like something fun with a pattern....I think.
  3. TV armoire. A unit where the TV can be hidden is ideal, but I'm open to anything if it catches my eye and it the right price.
  4. Buy/build a book shelf for the left side (opposite the chair) of the fireplace. I'm missing my old built-ins. 
  5. Book shelf unit for behind the couch. I'd like a low one that comes just to the top of the couch and faces the kitchen. Could be great for books storage and decor.
  6. Hand a few pictures ;)
  7. New rug. Not looking forward to this adventure. Rug shopping is irritating to me.
 So, that's the plan. 

Here's where we were 3 weeks ago.
Here's where we are now.
I'm taking a little break on painting for now and am going to enjoy scraping off the kitchen border. Doesn't that sound fun? I can hardly wait.  :)


We Don't Eat Bugs said...

Looks beautiful already- not that I'm surprised. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks great! I want to use it in my living room too. What color white did you use for ceiling & fireplace?