Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Park Weather

We have had the most mild winter since I've lived in West Virginia. It's crazy. I'm usually freaking out about the cold and dying to feel the sun on my skin by this point. Don't get me wrong, I'm still really looking forward to spring and sun dresses again; but I'm seriously okay with the fact that it's still winter. We've had random beautiful weather in the months that tend to be relentless with snow and freezing temps. Monday was one of those beautiful, unexpected mild winter days. David is on a week-long business trip to Washington state this week, so I have to plan my days with more to do than normal so I don't go crazy. It was so nice to be able to incorporate the park into those activities. I pushed Graham in the stroller for a mile while Parker ran by my side. Then, we played on the playground for 30 minutes before doing another lap around the track. This time, I insured a good nights sleep by letting Graham run too. We were only there for an hour total, but they were completely worn out. SUCCESS!

Though I'm loving 55 degrees and sunshine, I'm a little sad that there hasn't been enough snow this year for a snowman. There's still time. I feel crazy for even saying that.

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David said...

Great pics at one of our favorite places :)