Monday, October 25, 2010

what you didn't get to see...

A few weeks ago, my family was photographed by Heidi Mitchell while she was up visiting. As always, she did a great job and I really love my photos. For this shoot, I was really hoping to make it to a corn field. Why? I don't know. I think was imagining the beautiful golden-toned lighting with my hair blowing in the breeze while Parker ran through the rows of corn. Ok, so it was unrealistic, but the pictures could have been pretty cute. Maybe next year. Good thing my back-up plan turned out beautiful. We headed up to Fort Hill in Charleston where David proposed to me. The beauty of the the valley beneath combined with a super fun tree and the sentiment of the location created photos I love and can't wait to display in my home.

Parker was in a great mood and cooperated so well. Graham? Not a chance. He was in a fowl, non-smiley-can't-wait-to-be-done-with-this-crap kind of mood. Oh well, so is life. I hired my babysitter, Annyssa (the best in the world), to help with baby Lincoln so Heidi could do her job and to help corral my crazy critters. What a smooth move on my part, and I'm not being facetious. Thanks Annyssa for your help!

I was planning on posting my favorite pictures on here last week, but I was having some issues with Blogger and chose to put the pictures up on Facebook instead. You all were sooooooo nice with your comments. Thanks so much for all of your kind words. Since there is no need for duplication, I'll show you a more realistic view of how the session went since all of you have commented on how great the pictures turned out. This is what Heidi really had to deal with while taking the 2010 Dunn family photos.

First, there are those dreaded double chins from a few extra unnecessary pounds.
 And the baby constipated face complete with shut eyes.
Then there is the ticked-off baby whose trying to escape Daddy's death grip picture.
As well as the famous fish lips.
Getting Graham to hold Parker's hand was like asking him to touch scalding water. At first it was fun for Parker to get to squeeze his brothers hand with permission...
...and then it ticked him off. Graham didn't care.
At first, Graham was only concerned about standing in tall grass by himself.
 Then, he started getting a bit worried.
 His worry then turned to down-right mad.
Poor Heidi had to deal with my embarrassing cheesiness.
 My one-year old's mild depression looks, and
spastic faces like this from Little P.
See, there you have it. That's how our shoots really go. Thanks for tolerating us, Heidi, and for somehow managing beautiful photos of my crazy 'lil crew. 


Lauren said...

HAHA! Love it!!!! :) Your family is just beautiful, Stephanie!!

Heidi said...

It's not so bad. I'm always up for a challenge ;) BTW, love your new blog background. Super cute.

Terry said...

I hope Audrey reads this. She just did some photos for a family this past weekend and said it was so difficult. Four hundred shots to get the good ones. I was just trying to get grandson Henry in the Pumpkin Patch and that was a challenge. I really admire Heidi's talent!!