Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Night and Day

People always say that your children will be different and possibly night and day. For the Dunn household, that couldn't be more true. Since Graham's birth, we have seen evidence of a pretty chilled-out personality. Everything from the amount he cries to his physical milestones have shown he is more laid back than his brother. Now, mind you, it isn't hard to be more calm than Parker who is the human equivalent of a tornado. He came out trying to walk. Physically, he did everything way ahead of time and verbally still surprises me everyday. He's an overachiever. He gets it from his father. :) When Parker was an infant he had episodes where he just cried to release energy.  Needless to say, I have been moving and shaking since July of 2007. Graham hardly cried at all his first 6 months, and when he did the culprit was almost always acid reflux. Physically, he's been pretty much behind until now. He's starting to pick up the pace recently and is now average. He's full of smiles and will sit in a stroller for endless hours if need be. If I had to describe my boys personality in one picture...these would be my choice:
This is not to say that Parker can't be relaxed and that Graham is always passive...they both have their moments. I am so excited for the future to see who they become.


Heidi said...

I love it! So true. Can't wait to watch them grow up and learn more about them :)

Lauren Kelly said...

It is so cool that good creates siblings so uniquely different. There’s a good balance there and think you will see that more and more as they get older. Love that picture of Parker, ha!! :)